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The Legend of Korra Book 4 "Balance" to air October 2nd.
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What a great POTDRasputin7719/11 11:35PM
Do you have high hopes for Alien: Isolation?
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raymanfan1159/11 11:33PM
Kana you evil master mindOgurisama69/11 11:28PM
I've lost over 30 lbs since May!TheAmorousTheAm29/11 11:23PM
As a man, I typically wash my hands before and after taking a leak.
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Malleum269/11 11:16PM
Who are you starting with in ASOR? (Poll)Ogurisama79/11 11:04PM
Choose one of these things to ban. (Poll)
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Sylvia_Dia179/11 10:58PM
ISIS may plan to target US power grid to cripple country. Are you scared?
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BushidoEffect3499/11 10:57PM
Rate the video game intro sequence. Vol. 15 (video inside) (Poll)Blaqthourne99/11 10:56PM
Would you choose sex
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RoboT_Ripper329/11 10:49PM
Are you a perv? (Poll)
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Lobomoon189/11 10:46PM
Over the past 3 days I have eaten an entire jar of nutella with a spoon
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Sardanapallus129/11 10:46PM
Obama addresses nation on ISIS
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Metro2169/11 10:45PM
Which of the following consoles would you rather have the entire library for? (Poll)
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VioletZer0339/11 10:45PM
I have a coworker that always complains about "white girls"Ogurisama39/11 10:44PM
2 White Beautiful Teen Girls leave Austria to join ISIS...Do you think they were (Poll)
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Full Throttle309/11 10:43PM
What's a game I should buy? Like, anything. On PS3, Wii U, or Wii.raymanfan139/11 10:41PM
I miss the days where I was still awake after midnight.WastelandCowboy69/11 10:41PM
Damn it's snowing. =/papercup89/11 10:39PM