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It's amazing how all 3 consoles are technically less than 300yourDaddie612/23 2:06PM
OK so how comparable is Dark Souls to Monster Hunter?
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Judgmenl1212/23 2:03PM
If cold water transformed you into something else what would you prefer? (Poll)
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yourDaddie1112/23 2:00PM
This was my childhood's Avengers momentMetro2212/23 1:52PM
the dude map. how do you refer to your bros?
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ZiggiStardust1812/23 1:42PM
These 2 Girls Laughed after they were arrested at Wal-Mart! Are they Hot??? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1812/23 1:32PM
well i already got my xmas presents....NightMareBunny312/23 1:27PM
Replaying Final Fantasy 12 (Spoilers)
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NeoSioType4912/23 1:24PM
Monkey saves his bro who was electrocuted from the train rialskratospwnsnoobz312/23 1:19PM
Bandai Namco filed a DMCA complaint against Dark Soul fan fixes
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DeltaBladeX2012/23 1:19PM
Which Christmas Carol movie should I watch? (Poll)Trevor_Belmont312/23 1:02PM
goddamn dragon age inquisition is goodZiggiStardust612/23 1:01PM
I beat Sunset Overdrive last night now to start Halo MCCJoanOfArcade212/23 12:53PM
Rate that Anime: Fairy Tail (Poll)
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AC_Dragonfire1912/23 12:48PM
how do you start off a conversation with someone you match with on Tinder?WaterImp412/23 12:47PM
Would you commute an hour or more to work?
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BigOlePappy3912/23 12:45PM
Can someone see if a certain link works for them and reupload it?Krow_Incarnate212/23 12:26PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 57 - Guile's Theme (Street Fighter II) (Poll)
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quigonzel1812/23 12:25PM
Eva Lovia (porn star) has apparently started doing scenes with guys now
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Sardanapallus4312/23 12:17PM
Rawr!XlexeneX412/23 12:08PM