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A politician that is against gay marriage is unfit to hold any office.CiIantro510/23 10:54PM
Anyone else get a Halloween 3DS theme from Nintendo?DeltaBladeX410/23 10:46PM
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I remember sex jokes as early as kindergartenNeoSioType210/23 10:21PM
I failed to kill a spider and it hid under my bedbachewychomp710/23 10:17PM
I see Bioware still has a for romantic dialogue....
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EternalNether2210/23 10:11PM
haha! I'll be watching sports all weekend!ReggieBush09310/23 10:04PM
Winter is coming.WastelandCowboy310/23 10:00PM
All the NEW info on Smash Wii UPowerOats710/23 9:55PM
I love price errors on SteamDeltaBladeX410/23 9:49PM
Class IV kaiju detected off the coast of New Zealand!Chef_Excellence610/23 9:45PM
What do you say before you O?BushidoEffect3510/23 9:40PM
Smash Bros Wii U Direct Topic!
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MechaKirby7210/23 9:38PM
The horse's name was Friday.WastelandCowboy510/23 9:36PM
About to start streaming Treehouse of Horror Simpsons Marathon on Tinychatquigonzel310/23 9:35PM
Which games do you plan on playing this weekend?
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WastelandCowboy1210/23 9:35PM
What condiments for chicken tenders?
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BigOlePappy5810/23 9:21PM
Female Gym Teacher Caught Sleeping With Young Student Multiple Timesdeadpigs101910/23 9:17PM