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Just ran into two of my old coworkers.keyblader198515/23 3:29PM
Where you live, can you see mountains on the horizon?
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VioletZer0525/23 3:24PM
All rain is now urineTheWorstPoster65/23 3:22PM
My friend asked me to help her with moving; I said yesErik_P95/23 3:05PM
Are you on twitter?
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Lobomoon155/23 2:55PM
This Michigan Pastor says Gays are Pedos...Now his GAY GRINDR profile is out!! (Poll)Full Throttle95/23 2:44PM
This 24 y/o girl pretended to be a 15 y/o Online gets 10 YEARS in Prison!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle355/23 2:40PM
First day in this new job and I'm gonna be alone in my department for 2 hoursBNVshark12365/23 2:38PM
Homocentrism and fantasy and science fictionChef_Excellence25/23 2:32PM
Cat / Chat 3: It's almost kitten season! Cat discussion and appreciation topic
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Doctor Foxx955/23 2:24PM
So Shenti, I'm moving to OKC.
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ArtistScientist525/23 1:55PM
Is there a technology to remove second hand smoke from the air?Lokarin85/23 1:53PM
I don't think my FFV party can beat OmniscientDespondentDeity45/23 1:43PM
Colorado is like f***ing Seattle right now
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chews275/23 1:35PM
This 13 y/o Girl was sent home because she Glorified SUICIDE with this Shirt!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle205/23 1:10PM
Should just charge these guys with attempted murder of 1500 people.
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ArtistScientist125/23 12:59PM
Police brutality right here folks!TheWorstPoster15/23 12:46PM
how long would John Marston last in GTA?Zikten45/23 12:39PM
Every time someone on this board uses the word dudebro...ESMWjot85/23 12:19PM
Video Game Soundtracks topic: 'Cuz BAM!!!Lokarin15/23 12:17PM