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Please give me The Room: The Animated Series.knightoffire5525/19 2:38PM
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my boss called me pretty.
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Nade Duck125/19 2:25PM
Anybody near Charlotte, NC?N80515/19 2:14PM
Sweet Shalquoir has the third most naughty pictures of Dark Souls 2 characters!
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JimmyRustIe135/19 2:14PM
I bought something on Amazon, and the delivery is going to take 37 daysAwesomeTurtwig65/19 2:03PM
if wizards in harry potter don't know much about how muggle technology works...
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Zikten345/19 1:57PM
People that spout "white privilege" nonsense are racists themselvesWyand_Voidbring55/19 1:54PM
Is it possible to have a rational GamerGate discussion on the Internet?
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Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 56 Oasis (Poll)AllstarSniper32105/19 1:52PM
y'know what I miss?Lokarin25/19 1:25PM
i wish the master system verison of Phantasy Star was on Steamernieforss95/19 1:24PM
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An All That Remains 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32125/19 1:00PM
best decade for each of these categories?
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Muscles115/19 12:59PM
why does it always feel like to me the 90's were a simpler carefree time?
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NightMareBunny205/19 12:45PM
Do you remember hologram art?Lokarin65/19 12:31PM
PotD this "riddle" gives GPS coordinate and I can't figure it out.ArtistScientist65/19 11:59AM
Best Pilot episode of all time? (Poll)
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Captain-Trips775/19 11:54AM
Do you have any pet names for people you've dated?BNVshark12355/19 11:52AM