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Inverclyde - just barelyTerrisUS39/18 7:38PM
Oh my god, Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett who were part of Batman: TAS are makingLemonDestroyer39/18 7:34PM
what is the point of this boardhelIy49/18 7:32PM
What the hell?DeltaBladeX69/18 7:31PM
ITT: We make things up about LanHikari10
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Damnit, Scotland
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So, anyone here got Borderlands: The Pre Sequel or Gauntlet pre ordered?
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DeltaBladeX249/18 7:12PM
Quig stopped replying on Tinychat, and he isn't doing anything in his streamWhatPoll19/18 7:07PM
The belief that upbringing kids on video games starting with Atari is moronic.
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WastelandCowboy559/18 7:05PM