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Hypocrisy of feminism and the abuse of men. and then the men who defend them!
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Should Nintendo Remove Mario and Luigi's mustache? (Poll)
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Which of these types of Pants do you prefer to Wear if you could every day?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle281/21 10:04PM
Any tech wiz here? Smart phone and IP address question.KainReaver10981/21 10:04PM
What did you guys eat for breakfast?
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grape_purple571/21 9:57PM
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Rate that TV Show | Day 646 | George Lopez (Poll)Slayer786181/21 9:55PM
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Legitimate topic about controllers.
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World's Oldest Woman who gave Birth at 70 now struggles to raise 6 y/o Son.... (Poll)Full Throttle61/21 9:43PM
California community colleges to begin offering bachelor's degrees.WastelandCowboy61/21 9:35PM