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Why does the younger generation care so much about feeeling ?
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Metal_Gear_Link135/3 11:15AM
Seriously, what is with the hate for FNAF?
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VioletZer0155/3 11:04AM
Question about Age of Ultron (not seen it yet). Spoilersiwantmyoldid35/3 10:52AM
Welp, Fallout 2, I gave you a shot, but you suck *SPOILERS FOR ALL OF FO2*Vicaris25/3 10:48AM
Ouch! Avengers: Age of Ultron loses 30% Saturday and makes only 190M Weekend!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle165/3 10:20AM
last nite. Oh manDirtBasedSoap25/3 10:04AM
I wear glasses so....blackhrt15/3 9:55AM
Anyone wanna guess the 2 new games I bought?
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RayKnight265/3 9:41AM
Yooka-Laylee has already met all of its stretch goals...
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papercup145/3 9:39AM
Star Wars should be taught in our nation's schools
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Zeus345/3 9:21AM
Game changes limerick due to it offending transfolk (Poll)
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deoxxys135/3 9:20AM
I do not fear the Bosnian wizard.Miroku_of_Nite145/3 9:18AM
I'll be going on a cactus adventure later today
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BNVshark123495/3 9:12AM
Pornography is for the weak willed and weak minded.
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Squall7491215/3 9:04AM
Feminists send bomb threat to Gamergate meetup. 200 people evacuated.
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Ferarri619335/3 8:48AM
Deciding between which macbook to keep for myself.ArtistScientist25/3 8:46AM
The President has been kidnapped by ninjasTheWorstPoster65/3 8:37AM
I vaguely remember a thread where lolamericans said they'd close their account.Judgmenl45/3 8:24AM
Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight....quigonzel15/3 8:21AM
Last Post ITT Is My Sig for a Week and I Can't Bump this ThreadSkynyrdRocker15/3 8:19AM