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This bridge is a marvel of modern music.raymanfan1212/18 1:05AM
the xbox 1 dashboard is confusing.
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helIy4112/18 12:43AM
So, Valve wants to kill off all cross region gifting now
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DeltaBladeX5512/18 12:37AM
Chilling and watching The Simpsons in tinychatquigonzel612/18 12:33AM
i would really appreciate having a cigarette right nowhelIy412/18 12:27AM
I dedicate the opening theme of Utena to SIN and ClenchBNVshark123512/18 12:26AM
"Oh cool, 70s is online, I think I'll chat about anime"DeltaBladeX512/18 12:21AM
So that Ass Creed Unity patch 4 (which is 6.7 GB) didn't do much. (Closed)raymanfan1612/18 12:13AM
These 3 Young White people face 30 years in Prison for attacking Gay Couple!! (Poll)Full Throttle712/18 12:02AM
Get in tinychat and drink with meJoanOfArcade512/17 11:45PM
Today's poll has the most options I've ever seen on GameFAQs.Rhodechill312/17 11:42PM
I just found out Sean Bean was in the Silent Hill movieJoanOfArcade512/17 11:42PM
ICO is a great bowler, what are you great at?
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RoboT_Ripper1212/17 11:21PM
would you rather play Sonic 06 as your only game for a year or...? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny3312/17 11:20PM
My work gave me my "Christmas bonus" today.
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Kanakiri1212/17 11:14PM
Need help remembering a music maker app. it was like 20x20 squaresBuddha1187612/17 11:03PM
This Hunting Girl almost cries her eyes out when her Senior Photo was Denied.... (Poll)Full Throttle412/17 10:59PM
would you live here?
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argonautweekynd1512/17 10:54PM
My mom loathes Kimchi, and ive got a pound jar of it in the fridge.
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argonautweekynd1512/17 10:53PM
Cosplay Topic Part 06
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AllstarSniper321812/17 10:49PM