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does it bother you when ppl do vocal covers of songs and change the pronouns to (Poll)Kingmichael133799/20 9:05PM
Let's Play Pokemon Blue for Charity! (Playlist)
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w00t_D129/20 9:04PM
lemme see yo faceCSRouge9669/20 9:00PM
It's really frustrating when instructors bash Wikipedia.
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Kanakiri449/20 8:58PM
To anyone who is or has been a manager: How do you feel about "Texting in Sick"?
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VioletZer0729/20 8:46PM
Do you think violent video games less than TV? (Poll)HenryKissiger109/20 8:35PM
What would you say is the best music by the Follin Bros.?Lokarin39/20 8:30PM
Destiny: First impressionsTheTropic_Sunset79/20 8:29PM
Counterproductive Warnings
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Nightwind139/20 8:26PM
itt: ill give my honest opinion of you
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IAmNowGone989/20 8:17PM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 23 Age of Empires II: Age of Kings (PC) (Poll)
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Blaqthourne129/20 8:15PM
Kim Jong Un no longer strongest man in North KoreaWhatPoll59/20 8:13PM
Customer gave me 10 bucks today PotD!acesxhigh19/20 8:01PM
i'm gonna get a 50" monitorhelIy59/20 8:00PM
here's the second girl design for our game, PotD
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Ao_Ryuu54289/20 7:57PM
is Terra Formars any good?Botnus91259/20 7:54PM
Have you ever burnt your mouth on a hot piece of pizza? (Poll)
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MrArmageddon8249/20 7:47PM
Rate this cartoon|Day 542| Chalkzone (Poll)Slayer786159/20 7:30PM
PS4 Silent Hill will inevitably have next gen dog endingVicaris59/20 7:24PM
Is Spirit Breaker good in Dota 2? I always liked playing him before.DespondentDeity79/20 7:15PM