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Los Angeles To Have $15 Minimum Wage In 2020!
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aDirtyShisno275/24 11:06AM
I make a living through a government grant to look for space aliens. AMA.ArtistScientist105/24 11:01AM
So, I decided I was going to try parrying Gwyn this time, which I usually don't.adjl85/24 11:00AM
Rank the Hero Classes in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls by Preferencegguirao15/24 10:59AM
Modder added Just Cause 2's grappling hook to GTA V, and it's awesome.Grendel Prime35/24 10:59AM
What recent games had the best final stage?JanwayDaahl45/24 10:52AM
Why are droughts a thing when we have oceans?Metro275/24 10:51AM
I find collarbones attractiveErik_P45/24 10:46AM
What happened to all the transexuals?
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Gumby_420665/24 10:45AM
Just finished Season 2 of Twin Peaks *May contain SPOILERS*RayKnight15/24 10:44AM
Men playing as women in games is always a fun topic, but what about species? (Poll)
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Blighboy265/24 10:44AM
*accidentally sits at a bonfire while dodging*
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Kanakiri265/24 10:39AM
Face stained in the ceilingWastelandCowboy35/24 10:36AM
Best world in Super Mario Bros 3 (Poll)
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Ogurisama205/24 10:35AM
Angry racists at it again over black movie cast member. this time Fantastic four
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Ryan-06365/24 10:32AM
I have a few designs in mind for future house/apartment designs for me. I reallyArtistScientist15/24 10:32AM
John Nash, inspiration for ' A Beautiful Mind", killed in car crash.Far-Queue65/24 10:30AM
I just saw someone post a Boshinator pic on tumblr.
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Kanakiri195/24 10:26AM
What fascinates you most about space?
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V-E-G-Y-285/24 10:19AM
Look at what this White Waiter wrote on a Receipt of a Black Woman who is...!!! (Poll)Full Throttle105/24 10:17AM