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Kate upton is so fine...
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MrFatCakes1111/20 10:11PM
One of yous come over to my place so I canz make you dinnersLokarin611/20 10:08PM
Pants give me problemsmanmouse311/20 10:00PM
Gr8 new 3DS Nintendo m8 I r8 8.8raymanfan1411/20 9:55PM
So I've been replaying the Ace Attorney games, but slightly differently.raymanfan1311/20 9:47PM
i finally made a grilled cheese i can actually stand.HellHole_111/20 9:36PM
i just ate a whole jar of salsa and now i have a headache.argonautweekynd111/20 9:35PM
I never see anyone talk about the Final Fantasy animesJoanOfArcade311/20 9:32PM
lol my mom is saying that I better not ever drink
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BNVshark1234311/20 9:30PM
How Does The Bible Define The INSTITUTION of Marriage?FadetooBlack511/20 9:30PM
Do you feel bad about killing insects? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1111/20 9:17PM
Your best friend's hot sister wants the D (Poll)
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RoboT_Ripper1111/20 8:58PM
This is kind of a neat concept (reading speeds)Super_Thug44311/20 8:35PM
Why do Christians get butthurt if someone mentions another God is more powerful
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kratospwnsnoobz2411/20 8:16PM
Buckle your pants! Buckle your pants! Bucka bucka bucka bucka, buckle your pantsCiIantro211/20 8:01PM
Have you even gone swing dancing? (Poll)knightoffire55811/20 7:59PM
I am overly anxious.Judgmenl811/20 7:57PM
Impossible to accurately answer the Nintendo DS poll.chungy511/20 7:52PM
What the hell? A 98% match on OkCupid is 18 years old. (Closed)WastelandCowboy611/20 7:45PM
mainstream rock act that's more original than Primus?Botnus912511/20 7:39PM