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How often do you take a bath? (Poll)
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MuZemike211/25 10:44AM
Modded the Card Reader from my old PC to work in my new one.Judgmenl11/25 10:38AM
i feel dead todayOgurisama11/25 10:35AM
Have you ever thought irl that something would make a good topic?AwesomeTurtwig41/25 10:33AM
i just cant quit you, PotD...Lemurs_Revenge11/25 10:24AM
Which of the following women would you prefer to date? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link91/25 10:18AM
Post awesome non-soundtrack music that doesn't have lyrics.
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raymanfan1151/25 10:13AM
do you drink eight cups of water every day? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust441/25 10:11AM
How many accounts do you have? (Poll)
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Action53401/25 10:02AM
What do you eat at (Poll)HenryKissiger51/25 9:56AM
If you haven't, you should go to a QT and try one of their oven fresh kolachies.brisashi91/25 9:46AM
Worst 3D Zelda (Poll)
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chaosbowser531/25 9:20AM
Post ITT and I'll do a short write up about you.
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GameLord113741/25 9:14AM
Rate this Villain Day 335 Fairy Godmother (Poll)scubasteve4281/25 9:10AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 337 Princess Fiona (Poll)scubasteve4291/25 9:10AM
Resogun is really good.ESP Samus11/25 8:49AM
Playing through KH2FM -spoilers will naturally ensue-
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chaosbowser711/25 8:36AM
The results of today's pollcdark21/25 8:14AM
This 20 y/o set a 19 y/o Girl's bed on Fire and Sang to wake her up!! Faces 25 (Poll)Full Throttle81/25 8:01AM
This 20 y/o was a Volunteer Firefighter and Raped 14 Kids!! Does he look Pedo? (Poll)Full Throttle41/25 7:08AM