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White Frat Boy who lead Racist Chant Meets with Black Americans for Forgiveness (Poll)Full Throttle43/25 3:45PM
Watching Death Note for the first time. I just got to *that* scene.Captain_Drek83/25 3:42PM
Glyde is great but there's way too many people stupid people who use itESP Samus13/25 3:38PM
The Night Shift is a really good medical drama.
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Judgmenl133/25 3:38PM
You know those guitars that are, like, double guitars?
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The Unofficial PotD Twitch Stream Topic
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I am against wallsLokarin53/25 3:12PM
I just invented something that may be important
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TheWorstPoster143/25 3:10PM
I thought about Nazis too much and now I think I am a bad person.Dazed268443/25 3:09PM
i listen to Bob Dylan Hurricane for the first time.ernieforss53/25 3:07PM
Ugh, just close my store already.
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Kanakiri383/25 2:55PM
Mario SeinfeldLokarin53/25 2:55PM
Is "Earth to Echo" good?GanonsSpirit73/25 2:01PM
Nananananana Batman!Dmess8553/25 1:57PM
Bloodborne ODT (Closed)zpoopinthe3rd83/25 1:57PM
Love feels similar to heartburn
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Erik_P133/25 1:50PM
I've learned to ride a bike at the age of 22
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tiago92223/25 1:39PM
Today's screen polls is an eye-openerZeus93/25 1:35PM
Well, it looks like Jeremy Clarkson is OFFICIALLY getting fired (BBC / Top Gear)
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shipwreckers233/25 1:19PM
IS that... Michael Jordan sporting a Hitler mustache?AIundra53/25 1:19PM