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Fair warning (not that any of you really care), I'm probably going to be scarce for the next two weeks or so, because my niece and nephew are coming to visit today, and they're staying for a while.

I've decided it's time to force them to play HeroQuest (aka Warhammer Fantasy w/training wheels), so we'll see how well they manage to resist my attempts to geekify them.

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This must be a regular thing then?

The Geek Topics have been around since the beginning of PotD.

Nah, only since about 2008.

Granted, six straight years seems like a long time (especially when you actually sit down and realize these topics have been around for SIX YEARS), but PotD's been around for like 12 years or so.

I was actually wondering the other day how long these Geek topics have been a thing...has it really been THAT long? I also forgot that PotD was (relatively) not that old...meaning I've been on PotD for almost the whole of it's existence (I lurked for nearly a year before making my account).

Actually, that may not be true...I think I posted pretty much only on the SSBM boards for a while first.
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You are just getting old guys. I thought the Geek topics started in 2010 though.
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Getting? Take a look at PO. ^_~
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It's that time again.
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I recall several mentions of the first being back when the Dark Knight was in theaters.

It was. The first topic started out as a topic talking about the movie, then we went completely off-topic multiple times, and then we just made a new topic to keep talking even after the original topic hit 500.

I THINK it started shortly before the the movie was released, but it might have been shortly after (like Wave just got back from the theater and wanted to talk about it).

We went through topics a lot faster in the early days, but overall we've probably had at least a hundred or so so far. Wave was supposedly keeping track of topic titles so we wouldn't repeat, so he'd probably be able to tell you the exact number.

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I also recall him saying that he lost track a couple years ago. =p
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That was fast, considering the fact that Amazon's been lagging lately with their deliveries. The order I placed on Wednesday is already due to be here in the mail by the morrow.

Now to decide whether to stay home or to go to writer's group while there's no promise that more than one other person will show. Triple digit temperatures during the day, and most people want nothing to do with going outside if they can help it.

Also, it's looking more and more like I'll be leaving Cali for Portland this December-ish. My mom asked me what was special about waiting until then, and I reminded her that I have (volunteered) responsibilities as ML for my region during NaNoWriMo; had I know that I would be leaving for certain then I wouldn't have signed on for another year, but if I didn't sign then I probably would be here another year. So, screw it, I'm kicking ass as ML one more year and leaving the horrendous job I'm at as well as my bleak hometown.
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So... New Watch poses an interesting problem. The other four books in the series shares a shelf with the hardbound Wheel of Time, and, combined, they take up the entire shelf minus half of an inch. New Watch takes about a whole inch, or maybe a smidgen more. You'd think, "OK, simple fix, just move over the Night Watch series to the next shelf," but . . .

The next (fourth shelf) had my hardbound Song of Ice and Fire (including spaces for the next two books), Wild Cards, hardbound Harry Potter, and books dedicated to Plato, Aristotle, and Nordic Mythology.

I suppose I'll have to take out the philosophy and mythology books, and put those somewhere else, or else I'll have to put HP on the bottom shelf and eliminate the remaining space down there while opening up loads of space on the fourth shelf.

This, of course, does not impact the top two shelves.

Screw it, the bottom two shelves need to be dusted anyhow, and I've told myself in the past that philosophy and mythology, while good, are not the same as reading Douglas Adams, Brandon Sanderson, or George R. R. Martin. J.R.R. Tolkien? Well... let's not go there (unless you really want to).
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In other news, The Wonder Woman costume that Gal Gadot's wearing for the Batman and Superman movie reminds me a lot of Xena. Take that how you will, but, whether positive or negative, it's done nothing for the overall scale of the movie, which has undoubtedly tipped beyond repair. And still it looks more hopeful than the TMNT atrocity, but that's comparing a healthy person's fecal matter with a sick person's imitation of a cow pie. S*** is s***.
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The good news: The Night Watch series fits in its new home.

The not-so-good news: I just checked Amazon, and found the number one reason this won't work. Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad is going to be re-released in January of 2015.

So, I guess HP will have to sit on the bottom shelf along with Sanderson, Zelazny, and The Time Machine. (Also, Anthony Ryan's "Blood Song," which I haven't read yet.) C'est la vie.