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In other news, The Wonder Woman costume that Gal Gadot's wearing for the Batman and Superman movie reminds me a lot of Xena. Take that how you will, but, whether positive or negative, it's done nothing for the overall scale of the movie, which has undoubtedly tipped beyond repair. And still it looks more hopeful than the TMNT atrocity, but that's comparing a healthy person's fecal matter with a sick person's imitation of a cow pie. S*** is s***.

They're trying to make this movie dark as well? Haven't they learned anything from Man of Steel?
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grimdark is the new black.
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I like her bronze boots.
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Korruptor posted...
Haven't they learned anything from Man of Steel?

They probably learned that it make a metric ****-ton of money.

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My power just came back on a few minutes ago. We had a huge storm blow through earlier. No serious damage but the porch is covered in debris.
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I'm almost done with the first Wild Cards book. The writing is inconsistent, as is expected with an anthology series, but sometimes it is so jarring. The overall tale, how the stories connect and are edited together, and the stories themselves are all great, but the writing in some of them is a little lackluster. I like the book and will at least be investing in the next two.
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I'd agree. When reading Wild Cards, there were certain writers/characters where I would really enjoy every story, and others where I'd basically skip over them entirely and hope that I wasn't missing anything important that would matter in/be referenced in future stories.

Some of them, I'm sure it's just a matter of taste - Entity might love certain characters I hate, and vice-versa, for example.

Pretty much everyone loves The Sleeper, though.

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Croyd is, perhaps, worthy of being put on a Top Whatever list of best literary characters.

Another candidate for this list would be Wit from the Stormlight Archives, who I think PO would love if he'd read the two books out so far. Speaking of which, I'm about 200 pages from finally finishing reading the second book - Words of Radiance. It's at that point where I only put down the book because I ~have~ to. That said, I'm off to read some more.
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I have done it! The Treasure Hunter title in Tales of Symphonia is finally mine.

Oh, and I finished reading Words of Radiance. good book, that, though you can see in the final 50 pages how much Sanderson sets up the next two or three books in the series.
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I should probably start reading The Stormlight Archive. People keep talking about how good it is. I really liked Mistborn and Elantris.
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