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I am in a food coma from the best meal I have ever had.Gastroid63/27 5:28AM
This 25 y/o Girl is Jailed for 10 days for Sex with her Daddy and having Kids!!. (Poll)
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Full Throttle343/27 5:09AM
Saving up for a PS4 because of Bloodborne.Xade7633/27 5:08AM
Kojima leaving will not hurt Metal Gear.....
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Numbnuts113/27 5:07AM
Creepy Urinals in China has people Scared!! Would yu go to a washroom like this? (Poll)
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Full Throttle163/27 4:27AM
why are so many tv networks forgetting what made them popular?
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NightMareBunny393/27 4:25AM
guys help me choose my fire emblem awakening waifu! (potential spoilers)
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Komaiko54143/27 3:59AM
there's a new AVGN video.
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helIy133/27 3:58AM
So.. I'm playing battleffield hardline and its making me think a first person..Kimbos_Egg43/27 3:53AM
Did you know Beethoven composed the 9th when he was already deaf?Milleyd33/27 3:29AM
Hey BTB do you have a cell phone?
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ArctheLad13133/27 3:04AM
So I'm watching Stan Lee's Superhumans...JaH Reborn53/27 2:40AM
Let's talk pc, eh?DaltonM63/27 2:32AM
Boredom hang out topic | part X
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scubasteve423173/27 1:21AM
Can anyone relate to me the fears and anxieties surrounding public speaking?
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EclairReturns133/27 1:21AM
Do you play any instruments?
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RayKnight213/27 1:20AM
What are you currently listening to? (RIP Ail Edition)
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Nade Duck143/27 1:16AM
So I'm watching Death Note as I'm barely awake, and the theme song just changedCaptain_Drek93/27 1:09AM
League players are you ready to cry with me :(FellWolf53/27 12:59AM
If you didn't already think that Tom Hanks is the greatest guy on earth:raymanfan153/27 12:48AM