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when would you say Capcom screwed up?Botnus912411/25 8:31PM
I just aced my history test.
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EclairReturns2111/25 8:13PM
Hey America, what about the missing 43 students in Mexico?Metro2311/25 8:07PM
You know why electrical outlets are terrified?
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WhatPoll1111/25 8:04PM
i just thought about this (omg sad thought)lootwoman911/25 7:57PM
Let's say you were diagnosed with incurable disease and only had 5 min to live.
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Lobomoon2811/25 7:56PM
About to order the MagicTCG 2015 Deckbuilders toolkit
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RoboT_Ripper1511/25 7:51PM
Guys, do you want a girlfriend/wife that can cook? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1811/25 7:49PM
What;s wrong with my capture card?KogaSteelfang611/25 7:47PM
Steam sale starts tomorrow, right?TIE543111/25 7:47PM
You guys remember these?quigonzel411/25 7:44PM
Ferguson looting: My bakery's window is bustedMetro2111/25 7:44PM
Damn, CNN's reporters in Ferguson are having a tough time.
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CiIantro6711/25 7:39PM
hey potd. so my dog is dead...
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ZiggiStardust5511/25 7:28PM
what game should i get for My XB1 next? (Poll)NightMareBunny611/25 7:22PM
just finished poopingmayu780611/25 7:11PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 54 - Pursuit~Caught (Phoenix Wright: T&T) (Poll)quigonzel611/25 7:05PM
Guitar players ITT
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Slayer78612611/25 7:02PM
I'm about to make coffee and add French vanilla hot chocolate powder to itfrybrain0094211/25 7:02PM
amiibo vs skylanders vs disney infinity (Poll)Ao_Ryuu54611/25 6:58PM