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how hard is bloodborne compared to hipster souls, best souls and mediocre souls?
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mayu780143/29 9:43PM
When's the penultimate time you has sexGanonsSpirit33/29 9:43PM
So what happens if we just stop paying our debts (as a nation)?
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MrMelodramatic313/29 9:43PM
Life is Strange Part 2 is out right now!!!
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AllstarSniper32153/29 9:42PM
Rate the PotDer - Day fifty sex - The_Alpha_MaIe (Poll)The_Alpha_MaIe23/29 9:41PM
Steven Universe is giving ol' Stephen Bean a case of the feels.
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EvilMegas293/29 9:38PM
ITT: We come up with impossible and cool plot twists that haven't been done yet!DarknessLink793/29 9:37PM
A man walks into town on FridayOgurisama33/29 9:32PM
Protip: If you're having a hard time falling asleep, read the Bible.WastelandCowboy33/29 9:32PM
Will you play Hatred? (Poll) (Poll)
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Hackfestreturns373/29 9:30PM
What's your favorite dinosaur?
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Anyone still 'playing' Clicker Heroes?
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DeltaBladeX113/29 9:28PM
I think Obama might actually be an atheist.Storrac83/29 9:25PM
Nominations for the Greatest Game Ever: Topic III - The Cut Listquigonzel103/29 9:24PM
When was the last time you hugged someone?WastelandCowboy93/29 9:23PM
A man rides into town on fridayMrMelodramatic63/29 9:23PM
Think I just went back to 2003...Ogurisama23/29 9:20PM
The Walking Dead finale....areeb31973/29 9:19PM
More states need to adopt Right to Die laws
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Erik_P473/29 9:18PM
Just ordered a PS4 after seeing this deal ._.Junpeiclover83/29 9:16PM