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i jumped right into GTA5 online
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Nade Duck185/24 7:41PM
damn it, potd, my pizza is late.ZiggiStardust105/24 7:36PM
"I Love My Earrings..."aDirtyShisno15/24 7:27PM
Hottest Spin Fighter Day 29: Yellow Ranger / Dragonzord / Borga / Tigerzord (Poll)Ugly Joe35/24 7:15PM
Crisis of Infinite OCsGanonsSpirit15/24 7:12PM
Do you want to ??? right now?TheWorstPoster15/24 7:09PM
I have a new world record!
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BTB155/24 7:06PM
Look at what this White Waiter wrote on a Receipt of a Black Woman who is...!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle275/24 6:49PM
It really bothers me when people say US soldiers are protecting our freedoms
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EreshkigaI765/24 6:49PM
I kinda want to learn yoga but am a bit shy on taking a class.ArtistScientist95/24 6:41PM
That Law and Order SVU final.
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Judgmenl205/24 6:14PM
Which gamer race are you? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link275/24 6:12PM
GBA > SNES (tbqh)
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Judgmenl455/24 6:08PM
User LevelsDaemMkIV785/24 6:06PM
Think of an RPG. At which point was it the hardest? (Poll)Vicaris45/24 6:05PM
Do you look at concept art if/when you unlock it in games? (Poll)GanonsSpirit55/24 5:58PM
Greatest Game Ever: Round 1: Match 43 - Deus Ex vs. Mega Man 3 (Poll)quigonzel105/24 5:56PM
so, dark souls was working well on my pc yesterday. today when I played dragon25/24 5:54PM
A man a couple towns over from me was arrested for stealing socks... againJoanOfArcade65/24 5:46PM
You can buy season 1 of Orange is the New Black on ITunes. . .for $25brisashi45/24 5:36PM