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[Popular celebrity] just died!GanonsSpirit64/1 1:19PM
i have always been in support of the transgender community. (Closed)
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21 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People
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YouTube is infringing on Darude's copyrightsjamieyello364/1 1:00PM
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About today's poll of the day...
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Judgmenl. I found a guy on the Smash U Board with a quite offensive avatar.
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I don't understand who they were trying to target when they made Eternal Ring...Milleyd64/1 12:26PM
you guys have made me see the light
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GoT fans. Ned Stark is... (SPOILERS INSIDE)KogaSteelfang24/1 12:19PM
i actually am just an elaborate troll account. zikten doesn't really existZikten14/1 12:18PM
zombies should be thinning on walking dead, and bullets not wasted
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Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW
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I'm very skeptical about this stand along HBO GO advertisement.Captain-Trips24/1 12:04PM
An acquaintance challenged me in Pokemon X
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RFC22144/1 12:03PM
Gilbert Gottfried ASMR channelLokarin14/1 12:02PM
im actually a girlDirtBasedSoap64/1 11:51AM
I feel like games are not fun anymore, but then I play Gravity Rush.Ferarri61974/1 11:48AM
I just read about Suzy's (Game Grumps) Etsy shop fiasco
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SilentSeph184/1 11:47AM
These People claim what they're wearing isn't RACIST...What do you think??. (Poll)
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