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This Canadian Teen is FED UP with Abuse over her name ISIS, now FB Barred Her!!! (Poll)
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idk who any of you are anymore
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C/D Young adults should get discounts for public services (Poll)
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How do you feel about Soulja Boy after hearing this? (Poll)UltraIchi53/24 11:43AM
What does i stand for...Trevor_Belmont63/24 11:41AM
To any A Song of Ice and Fire fans. Do you look forward to Season 5 of GoT?InfestedAdam43/24 11:25AM
I made a pendant for my wife's birthday...
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Zangulus163/24 11:19AM
when you get cereal do you get the normal size or the bigger size box? (Poll)NightMareBunny53/24 11:19AM
Have you ever been entirely put off a product by its advert?
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Taylor Swift has an angel face
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Bloodborne hype topic
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holy f***. the PSP came out ten years ago?
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Okay PotD is it 1 or 100? 20/2(5+5)
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ATTN: iPhone userslihlih33/24 9:44AM
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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 386 Franky ( One Piece) (Poll)scubasteve4283/24 9:30AM
Rate this Villain Day 384 Cluemaster (Poll)scubasteve42103/24 9:30AM
it's crazy how game graphics devolve with ageZikten63/24 9:19AM
Blogs are good for one thing.argonautweekynd13/24 9:07AM
Anyone interested in rogue like or progressive strategy games like Darkest dung.DaltonM33/24 8:57AM