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Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE V 26 HoMM: Quest 4 the DragonBone Staff (PS2) (Poll)Blaqthourne59/23 5:34PM
JFC, the lady who owns the house I'm currently living in...BNVshark12359/23 5:33PM
coffee addicts are getting out of control
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Retroxgamer0249/23 5:33PM
I might get a Macbook pretty soon >_>Kanakiri49/23 5:33PM
it must be weird having somebody knock on the wall you're having sex againstLootman89/23 5:32PM
when did you pick up smoking
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pedro45819/23 5:32PM
Chrom's sword is called Falchion but it's not a falchion.Zareth19/23 5:32PM
getting a new gaming computer. Should I get Windows 8.1 or Windows 7? (Poll)
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EggsBenedikt569/23 5:32PM
Someday, gaming will cease to existWhatPoll39/23 5:31PM
How is the new Gauntlet?papercup29/23 5:30PM
I got back from a funeral today :/ *sigh*S_Fox49/23 5:30PM
Watching this show and this guy said "Thanks for the milk" in spanish.Judgmenl59/23 5:28PM
Countdown to my graduation
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AwesomeTurtwig239/23 5:25PM
My female co-workers have all become oddly fast friends with each other.Creepyposter49/23 5:24PM
new Kendrick Lamar song sounds like an OutKast songBotnus91259/23 5:24PM
im taking a girl out to dinner at chili's tonightPhiloktetes59/23 5:24PM
on the topic of population control
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Bludgeonishness139/23 5:24PM
Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXIX
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That_70s_show4119/23 5:23PM
I just finished my first workout at Planet Fitnesscgreenw89/23 5:22PM
Does Bruce Wayne just PRETEND to enjoy being a rich playboy surrounded by women?
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Vicaris229/23 5:22PM