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what will happen first (Poll)Mr_Sockyman83/26 2:12PM
How old were you when you realized there are two spellings of Colombia/Columbia
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JokePoster133/26 2:09PM
I started reading the manga "The Gamer".SunWuKung42073/26 2:07PM
what is top gear and who is jeremy clarkson?iamjosh30893/26 2:06PM
Just got an HP Stream 7 tablet, it was under $50. What Steam games can it play?
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Melon_Master443/26 2:04PM
Guns are probably the worst thing man has made
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Muscles36373/26 2:00PM
Rate this Villain Day 387 Giygas (Poll)scubasteve4223/26 1:57PM
jim halpert, more like jim helpless
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Top FAIL Compilation - March 2015Zareth23/26 1:50PM
Sports Discussion Topic #116: Brackets BustedSpeeDDemon134393/26 1:42PM
Bloodborne GOTY of 2015?
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The_Sexorcist223/26 1:39PM
Sooo happy I was able to snag a Majora's Mask New 3DS bundle today.rexcrk43/26 1:36PM
there's a new AVGN video.helIy23/26 1:32PM
Yes I have just enough time for one game of NBA 2k before workMICHALECOLE13/26 1:24PM
Pillars of Eternity is out!HeroofDark23/26 1:22PM
C/D The airlines should be able to remotely control their planes (Poll)aznStaRBoY53/26 1:19PM
My new sig is dope.kratosdakota383/26 1:04PM
Alien lizardmen from nibiru are stunting our evolution by causing our crystalEonsHavePassed63/26 1:00PM
PotD Amiibo Tracking topic - Wheres my Gold Mario?? >_<
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Melon_Master2193/26 12:52PM
What are the most famous "named" vehicles in Video Games?
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Lokarin253/26 12:48PM