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Don't be a troll if you can't pay the toll.knightoffire5579/17 12:10AM
Anyone can lead a conga line. Come on, Smithers.TesstheGoblin19/17 12:05AM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 21 SOCOM - U.S. Navy SEALs (PS2) (Poll)Blaqthourne29/16 11:50PM
should a guy that likes fat girls have to hide it from his family and friends? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny299/16 11:47PM
So I got myself an adapter to plug into my electrical socket.SophieLuvsTofu89/16 11:47PM
It's so ****ing hot in Southern California.Metro259/16 11:42PM
so what happens to the union jackSHADOW010649/16 11:41PM
I find myself very attracted to imp Midna, from Zelda.
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ec11929279/16 11:14PM
this.helIy29/16 11:05PM
The more I play of Destiny, the less I care for it...
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quigonzel489/16 11:02PM
I guess I'm not getting a bid from the fraternity I rushed for
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BNVshark123299/16 11:02PM
Are you'z woman? Lemme hear your battle cry from the kitchen...AC_Dragonfire19/16 11:01PM
Rate this cartoon - Day 539 - Dragonball GT (Poll)Slayer786179/16 11:00PM
Today's Poll: Most dominant system?
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SableWolfAngel129/16 10:54PM
Favorite Legend of Zelda Weapon/Item(s)?
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CornishGhost179/16 10:52PM
Thinking about picking up "The Walking Dead" on android, or should I wait for...JessieBrown639/16 10:52PM
Can't wait until Friday.
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DirtBasedSoap129/16 10:50PM
Looks like Final Fantasy 4 is coming to PC tomorrow....papercup29/16 10:47PM
Didn't think it was possible, but I just listened to a feminist for 6 minutes,
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dragon504219/16 10:46PM
papercup plays the entire Final Fantasy Series part 4: papercup Returns
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papercup1339/16 10:43PM