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white americans, what? nothin' better to do? why dont you kick yourself out,DirtBasedSoap811/27 6:19PM
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Who's yer favourite Steve/Stephen? (Poll)
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Lokarin3311/27 5:45PM
Sasha and Malia not impressed by Obama's turkey jokesMetro21011/27 5:40PM
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Creed Singer Scott Stapp is Homeless as he blames Obama for being Broke!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1411/27 5:35PM
birthday sex next Saturday
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Mr_melodramatic2311/27 5:35PM
Hanging out with an old friend who's in townDirtBasedSoap211/27 5:34PM
I am steadily procuring a cadre of transgender friends!
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Arctic_Sunrise1411/27 5:27PM
poptarts are one of my major snack foodsNightMareBunny111/27 5:26PM
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How far am I into Borderlands 2? (spoilers)Lobomoon311/27 5:03PM
Which Amiibo should I get?
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Melon_Master10511/27 4:35PM
So if meat is murder...papercup711/27 4:25PM
jk to orc heidan aku buta oni ni ryougyakusareta seijo gakuenmayu780911/27 4:23PM
I bought a new TV during a Pre-Black Friday deal, now to get it installed. Help?
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Melon_Master3211/27 4:19PM
How is this attractive advertising?Solid Sonic611/27 4:17PM
Football isn't the same with the guysBNVshark123111/27 3:47PM