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Is it weird that one of my friends is super popular now because of his dumb tat?WaterImp63/3 2:53PM
What good is net neutrality while still allowing DATA CAPS???
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shipwreckers253/3 2:50PM
all this snow would be so much prettier if this state wasn't so gray and ugly.Nade Duck13/3 2:41PM
Super saiyan God vs Freeza Phase V (Poll)yourDaddie83/3 2:31PM
Isn't it Half-Life 2: Episode 3SKARDAVNELNATE33/3 2:27PM
Why do people hate on good games?
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Unbridled9233/3 2:26PM
Am I the only one who says 'rent a book' instead of 'borrow a book'? (Closed)EclairReturns103/3 2:19PM
How can people claim religions are a good thing...Unbridled943/3 2:06PM
Just learned there is a spanish remake of breaking bad.eating4fun93/3 2:05PM
I want to hear more about the Ratchet and Clank movieWaterImp83/3 1:50PM
Rate the PotDer - Day Thirty-Two - MordantHubris (Poll)
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SpeeDLeemon563/3 1:38PM
I just saw someone with a handlebar moustache.keyblader198543/3 1:28PM
Got my first speeding ticket!
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SpeeDLeemon533/3 1:25PM
Half-Life 3 WILL be released soon. I KNOW IT!CaioNV23/3 1:17PM
It's 69 degrees F at my house right nowTIE54313/3 1:11PM
Please convince me to move out.
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Judgmenl423/3 12:55PM
Which model of the 3DS do you own? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust493/3 12:50PM
Out of my list of "to watch movies" which have you seen/want to see?bulbinking93/3 12:49PM
This 18 y/o American flew to China to meet a Girl he met online..She said No!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle233/3 12:47PM
attn leetZiggiStardust13/3 12:37PM