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Choice of mobile device to purchase next year? (Poll)DeltaBladeX212/18 2:28PM
Im surprised at FF6 winning the poll (ignoring 7), I thought 10 was more populardavf135512/18 2:27PM
Is race a social concept?ASlaveObeys512/18 2:26PM
Scream on Netflix topic #2
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Captain-Trips2012/18 2:26PM
Next year, games disappoint more than they did this yearWhatPoll512/18 2:25PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master17412/18 2:23PM
it's normal for friends to cuddle, right?
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Muscles_4204612/18 2:20PM
Best Final Fantasy poll
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fantomas4186112/18 2:18PM
what's the Greatest boss fight ever? I love this trick.BushidoEffect3312/18 2:17PM
Was today's poll just to see how many FF 7 nerds we still have left on gamefaqs?MasterSplinterW712/18 2:15PM
Expensive paintings (splatters) probably serve to launder moneyNeoSioType412/18 2:14PM
You can now only look out of your ears, and hear from your eyesWhatPoll212/18 2:11PM
S*** is f***ed up.newsuperdude612/18 2:09PM
Celebrities denounce Sony's decision to cancel The InterviewMetro2512/18 2:07PM
Clifford the Big Red Dog creator died todayMetro2412/18 2:05PM
I think the next recipe I'll tackle is lasagnaLokarin112/18 2:03PM
McDonalds is downsizing their menu
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deadpigs10110412/18 2:02PM
Why can't WE make polls with over 10 options?ThePollGuy54712/18 2:01PM
I'm going to become an actual Lord, you know.Lord_Carlisle512/18 2:00PM
Sarca, are you online?DeltaBladeX112/18 1:59PM