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Remember when Flappy Bird was a thing?
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What's the most regrettable thing you've done for money?
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The greatest NES Final Fantasy is? (Poll)Raganork10105/6 10:45AM
I would disappoint Enji Night so hard.keyblader198515/6 10:38AM
This is my spirit animal.Jen012565/6 10:35AM
You become a ghost but you can live forever across time and space
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The privatization of things that should be nationalized
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My Tera Online character is really cute.
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Hey, game design peeps: What do you think of Project Spark?HeroofDark45/6 10:30AM
Best country in the world (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link55/6 10:25AM
It's so hard to care about this Algorithms final
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Which game company universe would win in a fight?Metal_Gear_Link45/6 10:24AM
Which of the following Mario Characters would win a fight? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link15/6 10:22AM
Do cats and dogs raised tooger think they are the same species?Metal_Gear_Link55/6 10:16AM
Been playing Xenogears. When does it start to get difficult?MabinogiFan65/6 10:14AM
I hate Super Mario Bros. *MASSIVE SPOILERS*
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TheWorstPoster165/6 9:54AM
Give me something to sig and I'll use for three weeks.jedirood95/6 9:51AM
What's a masculine version of a feminine name?
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What are the odds of your crush dating someone with the same name as you?
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