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hey guys
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New Avatar.Judgmenl84/25 1:11PM
Would you have a problem with the entire human population being mixed race? (Poll)
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FatalAccident214/25 12:59PM
You see Dark Knight *Joker* walking down the streetmagmagrunt0634/25 12:59PM
Do you know of any who is extremely judgmental and critical of others?KainReaver10954/25 12:55PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 24: Warcraft 3 vs. Zelda: Wind Waker (Poll)quigonzel94/25 12:48PM
So I placed top 16 in an Awesomenauts tournament todayAwesomeTurtwig74/25 12:41PM
Dwarf Fortress Mafia: Early Spring (Day 1) (Closed)
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Lokarin784/25 12:41PM
Not to sound racist, but... goosestepping is great exerciseLokarin24/25 12:33PM
So my friend tried to tell me white people have no struggles
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deoxxys234/25 12:32PM
man, that trip to toronto did not help my opinion of canadia AT ALLTroll_Police_94/25 12:30PM
I just made traditional Portuguese 'caldo verde.'AtledAotearoa14/25 12:24PM
Something to think about when it comes to calling someone a "b****"
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VioletZer0394/25 12:14PM
Now that's some pretty level design
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"My PS4 was stolen and I was wondering if you can look up my receipt"quigonzel104/25 11:59AM
going to Asia in a month. what should I bring back.Master Smuggler94/25 11:52AM
I feel so so bad for this girl. She peed herself on live TVFatalAccident24/25 11:51AM
Do you recognize the above poster? Part 2
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Ogurisama2214/25 11:30AM
Lime Nissian is a great actor
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So old NES and Sega Genesis consoles are selling for a lot.....pionear54/25 11:21AM