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WWE Fans, what's the general hate towards the recent Royal Rumble?
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papercup141/28 9:05PM
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i hate how i have to ration food like a zombie apocalypse due to my area...
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NightMareBunny131/28 9:02PM
i don't really like "session" beer...
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ZiggiStardust351/28 9:01PM
Someone make me food.DirtBasedSoap51/28 9:01PM
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Man walks inside an empty shut down Jamestown Mall in Missouri growing Mold!!! (Poll)
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Toonami cut down to 3 hours....
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It's that time of the year again!!: Let's watch Magnolia while drunk!!
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do you swallowlootwoman61/28 8:39PM
When reciting long numbers with zeroes in them, how do you pronounce the zero? (Poll)
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