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This 31 y/o Veterinarian Girl Killed a CAT with an Arrow and BRAGGED about it!!. (Poll)Full Throttle94/20 6:27AM
How would you feel if your dad renounced his gender and wanted to become a woman
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DelectableTears1194/20 6:22AM
Oh, heh, I didn't buy a pack of cigarettes on the way home.PeeledOmens84/20 6:16AM
Do you recognize the above poster? Part 2
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Ogurisama2024/20 5:56AM
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This 22 y/o New York Girl has HERPES..And she's Telling the World!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle434/20 5:00AM
I wonder how modern rappers like kanye and lil wayne feel about
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Muscles164/20 5:00AM
Does anyone have hoarders for parents?deadpigs10164/20 4:57AM
were reese puff's suppose to be the cereal of fat kids?NightMareBunny44/20 4:56AM
Can somebody explain what happened to the Spider-man movie franchise?
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BigOlePappy464/20 4:54AM
Dungeons and Dragons QuestionJ_aaron84/20 4:49AM
If TacoWhales was the marketing manager for a chain of Mexican restaurants,Sarcasthma94/20 4:42AM
I know why some people don't see the point of 4/20
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theboogs144/20 4:41AM
A stupid question.Lobomoon84/20 4:27AM
I don't get this.... How is my grade so low?Kl0wn_Numb3rs64/20 3:27AM
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I don't suppose anyone can find information on how events in this gifv went?DeltaBladeX74/20 2:25AM
In a game of The Prisoner's Dilemma (worth your time if you like game theory) (Poll)
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DarknessLink7194/20 2:25AM
When did you file your 2014 taxes? (Poll)
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InfestedAdam204/20 2:20AM
I was thinking, maybe I should start drinking coffee for purely economic reasonsJokePoster74/20 2:04AM