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Is this a complete missables guide for FFVII?Judgmenl25/22 10:36AM
It saddens me that Bernie Sanders isn't gonna win the Democrat primaries.
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BNVshark123235/22 10:10AM
You are now forced to live your entire life throughout the 70's
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TheWorstPoster475/22 10:07AM
You're a virtual tigermagmagrunt0615/22 9:38AM
i jumped right into GTA5 onlineNade Duck85/22 9:21AM
Suppose a new console is going to be announced at E3TheWorstPoster25/22 9:19AM
Remember that one channel on TV that was full of static?TheWorstPoster15/22 9:02AM
Reddit brokeSt_Kevin55/22 9:01AM
C/D California should dam all its rivers and use the water for its citizens (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY225/22 8:42AM
C/D: Nintendo's Overprotective Nature And mediocre online will doom them
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NightMareBunny155/22 8:38AM
I need to be fluent in Chinese within 2 and a half weeks
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-KomaikoM54-515/22 8:36AM
Hey guys, what are some good pick up an play games?green dragon15/22 8:33AM
Does Gamergate spell the collapse of the video game industry?Chef_Excellence65/22 8:27AM
Just got an out of memory exception in the program I wrote xDJudgmenl15/22 8:25AM
Jrpgs are kinda weird to me
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edbassmaster115/22 8:17AM
my favorite winning cards from Cards Against Humanity last nightMNTwins199145/22 8:14AM
The Flash is the best Superhero show everMetal_Gear_Link15/22 8:10AM
Instead of sexualizing females less in games, we should sexualize males more.
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Zareth765/22 7:57AM
You know what would be cool?Bowdler15/22 7:51AM
What parts of humans do you find the most physically attractive? (Poll)
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wwinterj25285/22 7:27AM