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Manny fought with an injured shoulder (Poll)miczz75/3 1:16PM
tell me a funny joke PotD
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If I feel I am Penguin trapped in a Human's body (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link105/3 1:15PM
I'm really liking this saga-Komaiko54M15/3 1:12PM
Taco Bell, ya dun f***ed up...
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Movies or Video Games: Which do you get/see day 1 more often? (Poll)
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did last night's Pac/Mayweather PPV Fight help or hurt boxing?NightMareBunny25/3 1:06PM
best invention ever! (Closed)-Komaiko54M25/3 12:59PM
I find this woman beautiful._PandaMaster_75/3 12:58PM
What's your take on the Mayweather/Pacuiao fight?
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AllstarSniper32665/3 12:57PM
Dragon Quest VIII or Star Ocean: Till the End of Time? (Poll)
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My Topic almost has 11,000+ VOTES!!! =) (Poll)
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Dumb question I'm sure, but what's the difference between a Law and an AmendmentMrMelodramatic15/3 12:51PM
Would you vote for Obama if he could go for a Third term? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link175/3 12:50PM
I have a Godly Terra Blade in Terraria.Judgmenl85/3 12:46PM
Squirrels like to cuddleCarefreeDude15/3 12:44PM
I don't give a s*** about trophies but I want to platinum Demon's Souls.Zareth15/3 12:36PM
My account on SBA is older than this account.
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SpeeDLeemon275/3 12:34PM
If you could theoretically move your hand fast enough (think speed of light)
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KainReaver109235/3 12:31PM