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Why do hashtags bother me?Chaos4629069/30 9:07PM
Really? No Smash Bros in today's poll?
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JixHedgehog189/30 9:05PM
How come Wii U games keep on getting high votes on these anticipated game polls?
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galfasanta1111289/30 9:04PM
I gotta work from 1:30pm to 9:15pm tomorrow.Dan042919/30 9:04PM
Daily Show on the Washington Redskins 9/25. Great piece. Video link inside.
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Doctor Foxx459/30 9:02PM
What was that noise?!?!LanHikari10 (M)79/30 9:00PM
Spider-Man Vs. Koopa. (Poll)
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Dan0429189/30 8:59PM
This Man leaves America to join Pro-Russian Rebels in Crimea!! (Poll)Full Throttle49/30 8:36PM
ITT we explain the plot of Prometheus.
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BigOlePappy169/30 8:36PM
And I sing yeah-yea-eah, eah-hey-yea-yea, and I say hey!WastelandCowboy69/30 8:35PM
banana bread anyone?Judgmenl89/30 8:35PM
There are 206 bones in the human body...AwesomeTurtwig39/30 8:32PM
awful should mean what awesome means and vice versahelIy59/30 8:30PM
679 seems like a strange number for topics to cap at now.Nade Duck69/30 8:26PM
We can't say "nt" in topics anymore.GanonsSpirit79/30 8:26PM
Why does it matter that Vin Diesel played Groot?DrPrimemaster29/30 8:25PM
Question to anybody who wears contactsbachewychomp59/30 8:22PM
the raid in destiny is brutal.
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helIy259/30 8:16PM
I googled y with a triangle on top and got pictures of women in bikinis.DrPrimemaster49/30 8:13PM
PotD 500+ Topic (Closed)
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Slayer78616799/30 8:13PM