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Has anybody ever lived in a studio apartment?
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JokePoster214/27 11:17PM
This 18 y/o Kid killed his Best Friend's Little Brother during a Sleepover!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle114/27 11:06PM
Is Bray Wyatt like the new Undertaker?JoanOfArcade104/27 10:58PM
ATTN: bachewychomp
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SpeeDLeemon514/27 10:53PM
DAD! Your hand is jammed in the toaster!Ogurisama24/27 10:44PM
Can you help? When I try to rearrange things on my taskbar they move together.Milleyd14/27 10:43PM
I am thinking of a number between 1 and 500
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TheWorstPoster204/27 10:35PM
I turned the TV onErik_P74/27 10:30PM
Sweet, finally found a cheap copy of Kid Icarus Uprising (PAL UK deal)
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DeltaBladeX134/27 10:19PM
This Guy killed his G/F and her 3 Kids and then sent Pics to the REAL Dad!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle174/27 10:08PM
Looking to get into either: The Walking Dead or Dexter (Poll)
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aHappySacka144/27 9:48PM
I have to ask, do Women find men's underwear attractive?
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-Komaiko54M124/27 9:48PM
Will Baltimore become a real-life Arkham City?
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Truth_Bomb144/27 9:37PM
Vengaboys - We like to Party! (The Vengabus)rgonautweekend64/27 9:21PM
This White Father and Son were Killed in their Man-Cave by 2 Black Robbers!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle84/27 9:17PM
I feel sorry for the innocent and hardworking people living in Baltimore.
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WastelandCowboy334/27 9:13PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 732 ~ CNN (Poll)Slayer74/27 8:54PM
So what is with the underpants on classical superhero costumesBlighboy54/27 8:50PM
I'm running out of f***s to give at school guysAwesomeTurtwig14/27 8:50PM
I declare political correctness to be politically incorrectTheWorstPoster64/27 8:49PM