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I'm going through all my old art, deleting most of itN80512/26 10:04PM
you know whats a satisfying feeling?argonautweekynd12/26 10:03PM
For those of you who've taken a speech class, did it feel like this?EclairReturns72/26 10:02PM
Started watching Naruto again since now available in my regionLokarin52/26 9:59PM
White and Gold master race.GunslingerGunsl42/26 9:58PM
Phoenix Wright Was Gonna Be In A Comic Book But Capcom Asked Him To be RemovedNightMareBunny32/26 9:57PM
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Fun Things While Drinking?
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JediMutant282/26 9:56PM
19 y/o Girl who did Porn at the Library faces 1 year in Jail!! Should she go??.. (Poll)
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This 19 y/o Girl is BROKE and refuses to work a Min-Wage job..Look at her now!! (Poll)
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Dungeons and Dragons Topic! When PCs Attack!
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JediMutant1002/26 9:51PM
Looking at getting a few more 3DS games while you still get CN coins, opinions?
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Melon_Master282/26 9:50PM
Tech people help please.
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BBalla10522/26 9:47PM
Power Rangers "reboot"MordantHubris42/26 9:45PM
I dont ever want to wake up, lookin into someone elses eyes.WastelandCowboy52/26 9:44PM
I'm watching Death Note (spoilers)
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BNVshark123182/26 9:42PM
Yes No (Poll)
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knivesX2004122/26 9:40PM
Does this look appealing to you (Poll)Judgmenl52/26 9:35PM
you know, this can be us in 50+ years...Da-PollGuy5492/26 9:28PM
I'm watching Twin Peaks for the first time this weeksynth_real92/26 9:27PM