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I got that Chinese girl to call me "Sempai"
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Ao_Ryuu54339/21 5:19PM
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Don't you hate that guy that tries to look good by making fun of you in front...
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the VitaWhatPoll39/21 5:05PM
Is anyone on tinychat right now?
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madadude179/21 5:04PM
what do you think of parents that abuse their kids in public?
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NightMareBunny139/21 4:52PM
so my internet just went down for 5 minLootman89/21 4:49PM
What do you think of this pumpkin spice flavor trend thats going on? (Poll)
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Ogurisama119/21 4:49PM
Playing FFXIV.Judgmenl19/21 4:46PM
C/D. gaming is a expensive hobby, but doesnt have to be.
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sonicbn229/21 4:42PM
Best of the Original 5 HMs (Poll)Ogurisama49/21 4:36PM
Why don't subway platforms have fences to prevent ppl from falling in the tracksMetro259/21 4:15PM
Aggies are 4-0!
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Mr_melodramatic149/21 4:07PM
It's getting mild in tinychat
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Lootman149/21 3:47PM
Jean-Luc Picard vs Professor X vs Magneto vs Gandalf (Poll)
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Captain-Trips169/21 3:44PM