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My wife and her cousins always want to get those strange boba drinks..
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Melon_Master213/5 7:47PM
Which character looks more powerful? Day 12: Ajani vs. Tezzeret (Poll)lihlih93/5 7:46PM
Did your childhood dreams align with where you are nowRedSox34213/5 7:45PM
LOL, The newest episode of Impractical Jokers was hilarious! (spoilers?)T0ffee43/5 7:42PM
Have you ever played World of Warcraft? (Poll)
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Ogurisama273/5 7:39PM
Do you say FInal Fantasy Ecks or Ten? (Poll)
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The_Sexorcist373/5 7:33PM
Monster Hunter 4U come play! HR raising and other help offered
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ReggieTheReckless333/5 7:33PM
Sega needs to rerelease the Sega Channel on XBLA, PSN, and Nintendo NetworkTheWorstPoster13/5 7:29PM
America for Americans: GTFU (Poll)
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ArctheLad13243/5 7:19PM
Have you kept any of your teeth? (Poll)ottothecat200373/5 7:17PM
Troof or Falss: U can find luv in da club (Poll)xXxUltraThugxXx63/5 7:16PM
Not gonna lie, i laughed.WhiskeyDisk83/5 7:13PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 3.. Yes, 3. :P
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Melon_Master473/5 7:11PM
Outrage over Kiss on The Fosters as 13 y/o Gay Kids make TV History!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle353/5 7:06PM
Waifu Battle 2015 Match 5: Morrigan Aensland vs Torri (Poll)GanonsSpirit73/5 7:04PM
Cat / Chat 2: Two cats are better than one. Cat appreciation topic right meow!
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Doctor Foxx1433/5 7:03PM
Can't say ass on the Steam forumsLokarin53/5 7:00PM
So, who would want to play some Borderlands 2 with me after I get it?AllstarSniper3223/5 6:59PM
This Size 22 Model is the New Face of Swimwear...Is She Hot??.. (Poll)Full Throttle93/5 6:59PM
Due to the "terrible weather" we're going through, can we just...Llanthana13/5 6:56PM