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I never fully understood what a "ground" was in the context of electricity
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acesxhigh129/18 4:19AM
This 17 y/o Kid wants his Senior Picture taken with his Cat..Should they do it?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle159/18 4:19AM
WOW. The entire Final Fantasy XIII series might be coming to Steam.Raganork1049/18 4:14AM
If Sony had a video game mascot, who would it be? (Poll)
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Xade76309/18 4:06AM
Is this right?
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VioletZer0219/18 3:38AM
So, Scotland people - how did you vote? (Poll)
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TerrisUS259/18 3:25AM
Mmmm, actually, I think Ys Oath in Felghana is tied with Origin as the bestRaganork1049/18 3:23AM
what would they name the last final fantasy game?
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miczz269/18 3:19AM
I'm now playing the Walking Dead Season 2 (Spoilers)Nichtcrawler X19/18 3:15AM
hi im in collegeLootman59/18 2:55AM
I'm playing some weird porn text interactive fiction game with transformation.Milleyd89/18 2:40AM
Is anyone else here into fashion?lui00731179/18 2:33AM
I preordered the new Smash for 3DS
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SkynyrdRocker119/18 2:32AM
Choose your method of death (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY169/18 2:23AM
what anime is this from?SHADOW010659/18 2:17AM
Looks like Final Fantasy 4 is coming to PC tomorrow....
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papercup139/18 2:16AM
Let's have a discussion about this poster: Duke
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edededdy169/18 1:46AM
Why do I feel compelled to play Runescape all of a sudden.
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daftalive08149/18 1:29AM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 22 NHL '94 (SegaCD) (Poll)Blaqthourne29/18 1:29AM
Who's the most evil character in Naruto. POSSIBLE SPOILERS (Poll)
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Flutershy129/18 1:26AM