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I enjoy the Fairy Tail manga (one of my favorites, in fact), but I need to catch up. I have not seen any of the anime version (... yet).

Speaking of shounen anime, I started Gintama and Hunter X Hunter. Enjoying both of them, though for very different reasons.

Will be joining the Vita gang soon. (My wife has one, so most of my prior Vita comments have been based on over-the-shoulder viewing.) And that will mean Akiba's Trip and the first Neptunia remake, among others. (And Ys: Memories of Celceta. Because that series has been with me for most of my life.)
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I really want a Vita, if only for the Dangan Ronpa series and P4G. But there's also the Senran Kagura games and the other Persona games.

It seems like so many of my favorite download places are becoming unavailable nowadays. First Mangatraders, then that other manga download site I found. Manga+ is better, but still acts buggy pretty often. I found a link to pretty much every Conan episode/movie hosted on MEGA, but just a few days later the site suddenly started saying that the library's browsers were too outdated to download from. (I'll try the MEGA app sometime when I get on some wifi.)

Last week I found a great site with a crapload of music from various artists. Then I go there today and there's a warning that the site is about to be closed to non-members. Had to hurry up and register.
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Thats the way of getting stuff for free on the internet. Every year or two it all shuts down and gets replaced.

Iv been watching yuushibu sort of. I have 3 episodes left and virtually no desire to watch it which is odd because i was enjoying it so far. Also nice to see boobs in anime again as its been a while.
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Another thread. :D

Whoever said in the Naruto thread that there needs to be more is nuts. Naruto needs to end.

Its already doing time hopping/alternating shenanigans

There doesn't need to be more. There's already a Sasuke spin off coming AND a timeskip movie. No more Naruto. Its only on the top of WSJ because its about to end and fandom hype.

I want Bleach/several others to end too but Naruto is at its last arc so I don't need MORE on top of MORE.

BTW I don't want more DBZ either. I'm tired of all of it. Let something else like Barakamon take over the spotlight.

Its the only series that I think that might be milked more than Gundam at times and that's saying a lot!
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YoukaiSlayer posted...
Thats the way of getting stuff for free on the internet. Every year or two it all shuts down and gets replaced.

I dunno, I've been using the same couple of streaming sites more or less as long as I've been watching. I occasionally run into issues with individual shows being missing or having awful streams, meaning I have to branch out a bit, and one of them suffered a major blow when Megavideo went down, but the sites themselves have pretty consistently survived.
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YoukaiSlayer posted...
Also nice to see boobs in anime again as its been a while.

not enough boobs in anime. And no i dont mean in ecchi or hentai
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Finished Golden Time. It was okay.

It started out really well. It seemed like a standard romcom, but it was pretty damn funny. Then they started talking more about Banri's amnesia and it became 90% of the relationship problems, most of which could have been solved if the characters talked with each other, and didn't wait until the last goddamn minute. In the latter half of the series it basically became entirely crying. Honestly though, all that is fine. I don't mind any of that, and at some points it was even enjoyable/endearing.

What really drug the show down was Banri's Ghost. Basically, the MC's psychological state was weird, and memories from the past were trapped in an "ego" outside of his body that watched everything the new Banri did. The ghost was more frustrating than anything, and really could have been done much better.

Then they made the ghost worse in the last goddamn episode by making another character actually talk with the ghost. Then the ghost gave Banri something that he freaking lost in a damn river. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS, DAMNIT.

tl;dr: Still though, it was okay. I enjoyed the romance, the drama was okay, and the comedy generally had me laughing. How they handled the MC's amnesia at points is really what brought the show down. 6-7/10
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Guys, quick question. Anyone know where this is from?
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T0ffee posted...

Guys, quick question. Anyone know where this is from?

reverse image search is your friend.

its a Haganai Doujinshi