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Dauschunds like to cuddle.
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BigOlePappy1110/24 9:16PM
No matter how many times I pee in Tim's vase it won't flushBNVshark123110/24 9:16PM
Two of my rats were sleeping in the hammock togetherMilleyd310/24 9:15PM
Bayonetta 2 is on point.Storrac210/24 9:09PM
the first person who answers the question correctly wins a free steam game
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mayu7801510/24 9:03PM
Let's make a story about Krystal and Lan three words at a time!
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Xfma1003310/24 8:57PM
C/D: You will be buying one of these as soon as possible.
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SunWuKung4201310/24 8:51PM
So, ISIS wants to be at war with both the USA and Russia
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Metal_Gear_Link1410/24 8:37PM
who is your favorite gamefaqs authority figure? (Poll)
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Nade Duck2010/24 8:32PM
I went to a hockey game tonight.Kanakiri110/24 8:28PM
Can somebody please extend a song for me? :3Junpeiclover210/24 8:22PM
do i want to know what this gamergate business is?
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Lemur_Says3810/24 8:19PM
what was that about bill cosbyNade Duck510/24 8:19PM
Crap; some idiot ran into a light pole near my apartment.keyblader1985610/24 8:08PM
Shooting rampage leaves 2 California deputies dead, two wounded.WastelandCowboy410/24 7:56PM
Your favorite game beginning with the letter: A
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BlazeAndBlade2710/24 7:53PM
This 21 y/o Kid is Jailed for 1 month for tweeting Hitler to a Liberal Woman!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1710/24 7:50PM
What is the first Pokemon? (Poll)WhatPoll910/24 7:42PM
teriyaki beef jerkyhelIy510/24 7:41PM
Worst Sequel of all time. (Poll)
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knightoffire551110/24 7:39PM