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who is your favorite gamefaqs authority figure? (Poll)
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are you a brony? (Poll)
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mayu7802010/25 12:33PM
I love Poshul from Chrono Cross (Spoilers)
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papercup1610/25 12:30PM
Is Religion an Atheism? (Poll)SomeUsername529210/25 12:24PM
Everytime I steam chat Ganon he goes offlineAwesomeTurtwig310/25 12:20PM
tal bachman - she's so highargonautweekynd510/25 12:07PM
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Why do people still post in kratosGearDaddie topics?bachewychomp610/25 11:38AM
How is the new Civ game?
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CiIantro1310/25 11:36AM
I have a Gamefaqs Avatar now. Do you like it?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2610/25 11:34AM
where do you hypnox? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust5310/25 11:32AM
How many phones have you owned? (Poll)
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Ultima_Dragoon2810/25 11:26AM
There's actually a little bit of discrimination here
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BNVshark1231110/25 11:23AM
Teh Polll is missing an aptionArctheLad13510/25 11:20AM
How do you eat Lucky Charms? (Poll)Action531010/25 11:18AM
So, is Bayonetta now a first-party Nintendo franchise?
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WhatPoll1810/25 11:18AM
I remember one time when a few PotDers thought I was black because I made abachewychomp710/25 11:18AM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 40 70's Hits 2 (Poll)AllstarSniper32310/25 11:04AM