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I am NOT playing Destiny over TinychatWhatPoll59/15 1:13PM
Coffee snobs bother me.VioletZer099/15 1:07PM
i've come to the conclusion that pc scrubs spend more time talkinghelIy109/15 1:05PM
The one reason Wii U is better than PS4, PC and Xbone.yourDaddie99/15 1:01PM
Florida deems off-the-grid living as illegal, citing sanitary concernsMetro269/15 12:58PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 140- favorite episode of season 6 (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets39/15 12:46PM
This White Kid went to North Korea and begged to be arrested..Now he begs Obama (Poll)
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Full Throttle479/15 12:45PM
You make a hit indie game, would you sell it for 2 billion dollars (Poll)
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VioletZer0159/15 12:42PM
Is there anyway to look up how good an internet provider is in my specific area?DrPrimemaster19/15 12:31PM
I sudently have 75 dollars on the PS accountyourDaddie49/15 12:20PM
My cat sleeps in my bed with me every night now.DirtBasedSoap49/15 12:16PM
Friend of mine keeps insisting on starting up a business together...InfestedAdam19/15 12:11PM
i love nick reboot and it's classic nickolodeon content....NightMareBunny109/15 11:41AM
You can only listen to 1 song for the rest of your life.
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Link_AJ169/15 11:24AM
I just watched Robert of Sherwood *dr who spoilers*
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Lootman249/15 11:23AM
So I have been replaying Jedi Outcast. . .
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brisashi119/15 11:21AM
So I'll be 30 in less than a year and I realized something. . .
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brisashi169/15 11:14AM
are there any harem games on steammayu78099/15 11:01AM
What is the best Dragon Ball? (Poll)
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Ogurisama349/15 10:46AM
Do you think you'll live to see the year 2100?
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Metro2299/15 10:37AM