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I broke something (avatars)Judgmenl71/24 4:47PM
The big problem I have with "Sarkeesian Feminism"
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VioletZer0671/24 4:43PM
The new(updated) GameRaven looks really good. And avatars finally works again.TesstheGoblin11/24 4:41PM
Has anyone played Knights of the Old Republic from the Google play store?
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Action53161/24 4:40PM
I think I'll marathon the Hobbit extended editions when they all come out.raymanfan111/24 4:37PM
God. F*** this episode of the outer limits. it scared the s*** out of me as a..Kimbos_Egg21/24 4:35PM
The pack of garbage bags got ruined so I had to throw them outLokarin61/24 4:29PM
It's time for PotDer L4D2!
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AwesomeTurtwig201/24 4:28PM
I wonder if the DS ever passed the PS2 in sales.raymanfan111/24 4:25PM
If they made a Pokemon MMO, and you could choose from the 18 main starters
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Ogurisama161/24 4:24PM
Oh boy, my Mom's taking me to a right-wing propaganda film.Storrac101/24 4:18PM
Japanese adult toy sites have the best Engrish ever.
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DespondentDeity151/24 4:18PM
Pretty awesome gallery on imgur yesterday for fans of bizarre portraits.DespondentDeity31/24 4:17PM
OMG, like why is the ground so slippery? Why don't they just ice it?Junpeiclover51/24 4:16PM
I started watching the anime "The Devil is a Part Timer".SunWuKung42031/24 4:07PM
I have a question regarding females
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Junpeiclover111/24 3:57PM
< You have been kicked from this game by the host >Judgmenl11/24 3:22PM
New guitar waiting topic
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acesxhigh161/24 3:13PM
A Classic Riff Singles 5-Pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3281/24 3:11PM
just finished Bioshock Infinite. should I bother with Burial At Sea?Botnus91261/24 2:53PM