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I'mma keep real with you guys.
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SkaFrost891112/21 9:12AM
XBOX One has Sold 41,500 Units in Japan since September 2014.... (Poll)Full Throttle512/21 9:11AM
Majority of girl gamers I know/ have met in life are attractive. At least 7/10ESMWjot812/21 9:07AM
Someone made a chrome extension to hide the fedora trolls on youtubeEggsBenedikt112/21 9:05AM
I saw six bandicoots tonight.lorekai412/21 8:47AM
what online games are all the cute girls playing?
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Botnus9122012/21 8:43AM
Playing FFXIII again.Judgmenl512/21 8:35AM
Is Freedom Planet any good?papercup312/21 8:16AM
Picked up an NES for $10 at Good Will, fixed the pin connector,newsuperdude712/21 7:58AM
Rate the following online dating namesaznStaRBoY612/21 7:31AM
So anyone hear listen to the Serial podcast?Super_Thug44712/21 7:10AM
MikuMikuDance + PokemonSarcasthma312/21 6:37AM
I got a couple of new toys today, ask me anything.
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SIvIart_USMC2112/21 5:39AM
Sly 2 and 3 and Jak 2 and 3 have aged poorly.
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raymanfan13512/21 5:22AM
Why the **** doesn't America have this?
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Metro21512/21 5:09AM
How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?HeroofDark412/21 3:04AM
Anybody play Civ 5? there's an easter egg when you build the sydney opera houseFatalAccident312/21 2:49AM
I just watched the new Planet of the Apes movies and have one question...
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JamaalCharles391512/21 2:40AM
S*** is f***ed up.newsuperdude1012/21 1:57AM
5 more months till I'm back in America...ESMWjot812/21 1:44AM