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Inspired by JanwayDaahl's topic, what kind of toothbrush do you have? (Poll)
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what will be the biggest release of November? (Poll)
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Why didn't I start watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood sooner
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White Lesbian says it is Unfair she has to raise a Black child and wants money! (Poll)
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What's your favorite turn-based Tactics game?
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Way too adorable:
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Hot showers seem to always help my headaches...EternalNether410/20 5:22AM
This Asian Girl from Glee is becoming a Man!!! Was she hot as a girl? (Poll)
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men are equally sexualized in games as women
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Borderlands 2 dupingNekropolix1010/20 2:13AM
Stay away from the Prince of Persia HD Collection/Trilogy on PS3.raymanfan1210/20 1:43AM
Anyone here want RIPD: The Game?DeltaBladeX910/20 1:36AM
Man finds the most Deadliest Spider in the world in his home! (Poll)
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This 10 y/o Girl chopped off her hair in support of Cancer..Now she's Bullied! (Poll)
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What's the Biggest Bug/Insect you've ever killed?..
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This 16 y/o Asian Wacko from Wyoming killed a 19 y/o Execution Style in public! (Poll)Full Throttle410/20 1:10AM
sucks that the sun sets before 7 now
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Whoooa watch out for the Spider Lady boss! spoilers.Ryan-06110/20 12:43AM
Anybody with Pokemon X or Y wanna tell me what's in my Friend Safari?keyblader1985710/20 12:06AM
need help to start my kick starterSHADOW0106310/19 11:54PM