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paranormal enthusiast dude tried to summon devil. Inside a church.BushidoEffect318/18 10:07AM
How should I respond to this religious Facebook post?
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Solar Plant sets birds on fire as they fly overheadSt_Kevin38/18 9:58AM
It's funny how fat people get offendedyourDaddie58/18 9:55AM
i don't know why some people find spaghetti o's gross but i don't
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Should I get an Xbox one and a Vita? (Poll)yourDaddie58/18 9:42AM
This Blind American says he won't let it stop him from having a Gun..Should he?? (Poll)
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Why Cr1tikal is the best gamer on Youtube.
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Anybody know where I can watch Blakes 7 online?Dan042948/18 8:35AM
ITT: First World Problems
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i think i'm going to enjoy pre-ordering things from Amazon, over
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You know how you all thought I'm a jerk...BNVshark12368/18 7:54AM
High rise vs Low rise pants (Poll)yourDaddie28/18 7:50AM
I don't see how how more games being available on more platforms can be bad?
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God, it's so painful transferring phone numbers between carriers.
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I'm gonna start reading Naruto later
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45 million dollars but
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What happened to me PotD?TheAoRyuu5488/18 7:18AM
You know I'm all about that bass, bout that bassTIE54348/18 7:12AM
What PC games is the poll refering to?INateYou108/18 7:07AM