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Is volunteering at a place a good path to getting a job there down the road?DelectableTears812/23 9:54AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 309 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Poll)scubasteve42712/23 9:29AM
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advanced warfare worth $40 if i'm just going to play the campaign?
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ZiggiStardust1212/23 9:24AM
I think Vaati is a lot more interesting than Ganon/dorf.
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Milleyd2212/23 9:12AM
I am always super freaking anxious this time of year.Judgmenl412/23 9:09AM
I really hate when people say "the" when referring to people
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acesxhigh3612/23 8:54AM
Making a new year's resolution lessens your chances of accomplishing its goal.Rimmer_Dall112/23 8:46AM
who was it that just wanted a straight episode of 'horsin' around'?ZiggiStardust712/23 8:37AM
This is the funnest Bible I've ever seen
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papercup1412/23 8:19AM
I'm 28 years old and still feel weird being called a man.
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Chef_Excellence1412/23 8:12AM
New Years Resolutions are ridiculous. Why force yourself to be a better person?
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WastelandCowboy1712/23 8:10AM
jesus, i think i've dropped close to a grand on gifts for christmas this year.
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ZiggiStardust1112/23 8:09AM
My son was just born!
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Sage_assassin205512/23 7:54AM
Britney Spears' succulent solesThe_Sexorcist212/23 7:54AM
why is there another taken movie?Nade Duck912/23 7:38AM
3 best sites in your opinion
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The_Sexorcist1112/23 7:26AM
C/D: "Homosexual" is not the problem, it is something else.iwantmyoldid712/23 7:18AM
i want to see a porno with Elvira.helIy912/23 6:49AM
So, my Karma Calculator, ugh.Cataclysm10312/23 6:34AM