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I'm being completely honest here: I have never played a single Final Fantasy.
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This White Girl believes she's the reason a 17 y/o Black Kid was Lynched!!! (Poll)Full Throttle1012/19 3:20AM
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World Surrenders To North Korea
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Is PotD your most visited forum? (Poll)
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Which birthday milestone do you celebrate more? (Poll)
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PotD Christmas Gifting Event 2014 (Closed)
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Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looks awful as he arrived in Court with Girls... (Poll)
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Youtube keeps muting itself on me, even with both its sound and mine onMabinogiFan112/18 11:47PM
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I'm gonna replay all the Wild Arms games in order
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Figures VII is in the lead on the PotD.
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