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So what's up with Schem or whatever and Ziggi? Are they like a couple?edededdy29/12 1:25PM
What time do you go to bed? It dependstiago9239/12 1:11PM
Trying to decide if I should get Destiny. (Closed)
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WastelandCowboy209/12 1:07PM
Do I get a Huawei Ascend or a Samsung Galaxy Y?raymanfan189/12 1:04PM
This is the greatest sporting event of All TimeMetro239/12 12:46PM
Gonna go see GWAR on halloween again this yearSchmensWife99/12 12:33PM
what's more important graphically? good character models or good environments?
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So, I recently started playing Lightning Returns: FFXIII... (Spoilers, maybe)Mehere89/12 12:20PM
Why are feminists fighting gamers, atheists, lierals, MRA, conservatives ?yourDaddie109/12 12:19PM
What time is it? (Poll)
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what are the best mainstream cookies? (Poll)
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I have spent the past 3 hour trying to import a project into an eclipse cloneJudgmenl29/12 12:13PM
I just noticed some pretty deep teeth marks on my neck this morning...
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To all you virgins.
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Who hates America the most (Poll)Blighboy49/12 12:08PM
Someone needs to make a GIF of this.SunWuKung42049/12 11:58AM
If a victim/suspect/witness is murdered within the precinctknightoffire5529/12 11:50AM
Pitch Shifting Doenst sound the sameSragentThom59/12 11:44AM
Tfw I pay for one day shipping and am told my package won't come in one day.GameGuy77739/12 11:42AM
add me on snapchat dogs
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